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“Dorota is amazing at what she does!! She knew I had previous Microblading and she was still willing to work on me even though it wasn't her work. I've asked around and a lot of people won't do it because they don't want their work to clash with other people's work. Dorota was very patient with me and assured me her pigment that she uses is FDA approved and it's very highly recommended by her instructor. She also recommended to put the numbing cream on the second pass because the numbing would make your eyebrows swell up so if she put it before, then my eyebrows might be uneven. My eyebrows look amaaaazing! Even better than before! Dorota uses really fine strokes so your eyebrows look super natural! She was able to work with what I already had and tried her best to give me what I wanted. My old Microblading was really dark and thick so Dorota went in where it was spotty and added a few more strokes. I'm trying to wait until the old Microblading fades some more before I go back for a touch up but Dorota has been super patient with me and checking up on me a lot and I really appreciate that. I'm really happy I found Dorota and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants the procedure done! “
Cassandra from Yelp

“Dorota is super awesome! She's really easy to work with and is super flexible / patient. She sent me detailed information regarding both the process and after care to make sure I was prepared and that the timing made sense given I had to stay out of the sun and look a bit red for a few days. Her facility is super clean, and she chats with you throughout to make sure you're comfortable and at ease. She also explains every step and what to expect so there are no surprises. When drawing and draining my eyebrows she triple made sure it was the shape I wanted and even gave me extra time to think over. She's super detail oriented and cares a lot about her customers. Everything she used was sterile and clean - I had no issues after. I highly recommend Doritos if you're looking to microblade, esp if it's your first time or if you had bad experiences before. I'm in love with my new brows! “
Miri from Yelp

“My Microblading experience with Dorota was exceptional and wonderful. She pays extreme attention to detail and is very patient. She takes her time with you and allows you to make any adjustments until you are completely satisfied with your eyebrows. The blades she uses are light and so small that I didn't even need numbing cream, I literally fell asleep. I would recommend Dorota to any and everyone that needs a fresh pair of new eyebrows or if you are just looking for a touch up, either way you won't be disappointed with your experience.
Happy Yelping! “
Belle from Yelp

“Dorota did an amazing job! She made the experience really easy and painless. I fell asleep! She also made a minor adjustment to ensure you are satisfied with your eyebrows. She sanitizes all her equipment and her facility is very clean. Her attention to detail shows in her work and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have the microblading done. “
Tracy H from Yelp

“Loved my eyebrows!!! **insert love eyes emoji** She is extremely patient &  takes her time to make sure you're pleased. No rush job here.  I would highly recommend her. “
Traci from Yelp